Friday, September 30, 2016

It's Been Four Years

I am at a writing conference today on MSU conference.  I have been motivated to write again.  "Go home and be writers again," the facilitator said:
In college I was a creative writing minor, and I absolutely loved my writing professor, Dr. Sodowsky.  We had deadlines and would workshop one another's writing each week.  I loved it. I felt like a good writer.  I read a story at the Moon City Readings and I got published in the campus magazine.  But since then without having a deadline, I don't feel like a writer anymore.  I have blogged and journaled (mostly about my kids), but I don't finish pieces like I used to.  Knowing I had a deadline and audience totally shaped my desire / ability to feel successful as a writer.  I feel that if I took another class and had something to work toward I could and would write again.