Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Musings

Every morning on my way to work I drive by these two 8 or 9-year old little boys waiting for the school bus.  They are always doing something adorable.  Sometimes they're playing tag, sometimes swinging their backpacks.  Yesterday one of them had his knees tucked up inside his sweatshirt and he was rolling around on the ground like a weeble.  I always wave and smile as I drive past -- and I wonder what my little man will be like at that age.

Will he be calm or crazy?  Serious or funny?  Will he still giggle when I pull his arm out of his shirt?  Will he still have chubby cheeks?  What will be his favorite food?  toy?  TV show?  Who will his best friend be? 

When I try to envision what his life will be like then, I realize how lucky I am to be here in this life.  Sometimes when I can't get back to sleep after a middle of the night trek downstairs to feed little man, I lay in bed and count all the ways my life is good.  Not just because I have a beautiful family, or because I'm a mama to a perfect little boy.  Oh, yes, all of that too!  But also because I get to watch Miles grow and know him, see his personality develop. 

These are the things I need to remember.  When I'm so exhausted I don't know what day it is, when I haven't showered, exercised, eaten a vegetable in who-knows-when.  To be lucky is one thing - but to realize you are is important too.

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