Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Are Family

A few words about family....

I'm in the middle of enjoying my long and delicious Christmas break, so it's natural to be thinking about family.

I got to spend a lot of time with mine over Christmas, but this year we added a little Miles to the mix.  Our usual cashew chicken and fried rice on Christmas Eve was peppered with a nap for Miles, keeping him entertained in the high chair during dinner, and trying to keep our cocktail-induced giggling to a dull roar during games and jam sessions (featuring Gammy on the drums, of course).  It was as fun as ever, even though Robert and I were a little sleep-deprived -- which I'm sure was payback for all my bragging about 8 hours' sleep a few weeks ago.
Christmas morning was adorable - watching Miles eat each and every bow and not care much for any new toy or book, (though he did look at his new Elmo toy with some interest, and he now loves climbing on his Weeble toy.)
Then just this evening we got to spend time with Robert's mom, Monie.  She probably sees us about once a month now that we have Miles, and she was so surprised at how much he's doing now.  He blew her away with his crawling and standing skills.
At dinner he sat in a high chair like a big boy and ate with gusto the pea puree I had made for him.
When Monie left, she remarked how sweet and happy he is, and I felt the surge of pride that has become familiar to me as a Mama.  But I also felt very grateful.
I realize I have more than most people - not just more presents under the tree, but more people who love me and our little family.

It's humbling to be reminded of those who don't have it as easy or as good as I do.  Like Monie, who had Robert at 17, or my own mom who grew up without a dad, or countless friends I have who have had very hard lives.

I'm incredibly grateful for my family - the little one who lives here under this roof as well as the rest of them who live away.

My cup runneth over.  I know I'm lucky, and I just hope I'm able to pass down some of that luck, humility and love to my baby boy.

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