Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forging Ahead - a poem for my Columbia homies

Forging Ahead

In the middle of the state
In the middle of the country
In the middle of their lives
Five girls found
sun-drenched laughter, beer-soaked tears,
And a love for one another -
            sweet, strong and pure.
We started out nursing broken hearts –
healing though being
on the other end of the phone, across the table,
next to a pool,
on a dance floor.

Now look at us.

As we mourn the end of an era,
We revere the sisterhood that has been
forged through millions of little moments --
Kleenex, concerts and road trips,
countless tubs of popcorn,
boyfriends, breakups, and martinis.

Overwhelming journeys lie ahead for each girl…
Some on airplanes, some in their hearts.

We are saying good bye to parts of ourselves
Even as we welcome the new,
Although it seems impossible without
one another's hands to hold along the way.

It's time

to go be better
versions of ourselves.

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