Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today's post is for my sister.
She is adorable and funny - you should meet her. 
I miss her so. 
She lives three hours away, and I miss the things we used to do together, like work out, drink beer outside on some patio, or see cheesy movies (BioDome?).  And I long for things we would do on a whim if we lived in the same city, like get wings at Coyote Adobe and go for stroller runs together. 

She is my hero is ways - she quit her safe desk job with benefits - to go back to school and get a second degree, doing what she loves: cooking.  She traded safety for uncertainty, salary for tips.
She knows how to make amazing things - like boeuf bourguignon, seafood nachos, and edamame dip with fancy lettuce things.  She makes a mean pina colada. 

I know she would love to be here and see her nephew on a daily basis.  I know she would always have gum, as every good aunt should. 

So here's to someday hopefully living in the same city.  Here's to being able to call up my Sissy and say, "Hey! Come over and watch Project Runway with me!"  Here's to Aunt Sarah : )

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