Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finding Time For Me

When you're a mom, for some odd reason, it seems you feel ALL your time and energy - every ounce of what you have to give - must go to someone else.  Why is that?  Sometimes my day seems to be made of obligation, responsibility and worry -- and no one does that to me but myself.

Why do I forget about the girl who is begging for some attention? -- I'm talking about me here.
For instance, when I was pregnant, I used to go to Body Pump at the gym, walk the trail, and hit the treadmill on a regular basis.  I swear I was in better shape then than I am now.  I walked 3 miles every day the last week of my pregnancy, and that was in the heat of June!  These days I'm lucky to squeeze in a run once a week -- and the whole time I'm running, I'm thinking I SHOULD be home with my baby, or I ought to be picking up groceries, or I really should've used that time to grade a few papers.

I am looking forward to spring when we can go for family walks, and strap Miles in a trailer on the back of one of our bikes.  But until then, it's up to me to remember to take care of myself sometimes too.

Are you listening, Jodi?  Don't feel guilty for taking a walk!  Don't feel like your missing something because you are washing your hair today!  And for God's sake, get a pedicure already!

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