Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have NOTHING to wear

If you've ever seen my closet, you know this is definitely not true.  But it feels true some mornings, like this morning for example.  I changed six times.  I even had a new shirt but decided I didn't like it after all.  So I was rushing around, changing bras, jeans, tops, boots... I had to rush out the door without lunch because I was 20 minutes behind schedule.  Since then I've been stewing.  Responding to emails and putting off grading a stack of papers.

Then I got the best text from my husband: "He ate his medicine.  He's getting sleepy.  I loved this morning."

It melted my heart, the simplicity of those words. 

Knowing my sweet man is home taking care of our son.  Knowing that our son is doing well even if I didn't have time to kiss him 39 times this morning, like I usually do.  Knowing that whatever I wound up wearing is not nearly as important as the fact that my husband treasured our morning, time we usually don't get together.   

These are good reminders for me, someone who often gets caught up in the material.  When I look back on these days, chances are I won't remember which sweater I was wearing or what brand of jeans I had on.  I'll remember the sweet simplicity of words like

I love you
You matter.


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