Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a Wednesday

Yesterday I stopped by Starbucks on the way home from daycare.  I ordered a hot chocolate, which I don't even like.  I sat in line while Miles fussed in the backseat and tried to figure out why I was there.  Why had I risked it?  I know he's begun to have less and less patience with his carseat lately, one day even crying so hard I pulled over to get him out and soothe him. So what was I doing sitting in a drive through line behind four other SUVs waiting for their tall defac cappuccinos? 
And I realized I had just wanted to feel normal.  I wanted to do something just because, without having to obsess over whether or not the baby was going to cry or fuss. 
I know this sounds kind of selfish now, but geez, being a mom is hard!  And sometimes you just have to take a time out for a margarita, a girls' night, or a freaking hot chocolate from Starbucks! : )

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  1. Yes! Normal. I get it. Without a doubt this is the hardest and best and crazy emotional role ever. Love this.