Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh Best Beloved

Last night I read to Miles from a book that belonged to my dad called Rocket in My Pocket.  It got me thinking about all of my favorite books as a kid - The Lorax, Sneeches, Cross Country Cat, Where the Wild Things Are, and so many others.
Each book is kind of like an old friend -
I remember lying in my parents' bed one Saturday morning while they read Cross Country Cat to me.  It's such a sweet memory -- filled with all the comfort of flannel nightgowns and soft quilts.  I also remember my grandmother's voice and hands as she read Kipling's The Elephant's Child to me - how she held her nose while reading to imitate the elephant's voice as his trunk was being pulled by the crocodile in the "great grey-green greasy Limpopo River". 
I treasure these memories and am so grateful to be a parent who can pass down my love of books and reading to my baby, and one who can now create new memories of my own as I read my favorite books to him. 

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